Corfu: Handcuffs to a Hospital Nurse.

Corfu: Handcuffs to a Hospital Nurse.

A confrontation between a Police Officer and a Nurse at the Psychiatric Clinic resulted in the employee being handcuffed, according to the Hospital Workers' Association.

The incident began, as the Workers Union describes, when the nurse asked police officers accompanying them to wait for the on-call doctor. A striking incident followed and the police officer reportedly pushed the nurse. When the Hospital Commander arrived, he found the nurse handcuffed outside the Clinic. The incident ended with the intervention of the Governor of Corfu General Hospital, the Director of Nursing, the Director of Psychiatry and the Deputy Director of the Police Department.

The incident was reported by POEDIN, but also by former Deputy Minister of Health Pavlos Polakis, demanding that the police punish the police. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

"We unequivocally denounce the incident that took place today Friday 8/11/2019 in the closed section of the Acute Incidents of Corfu General Hospital when police officers from the Achilles Police Department carried out a public order transfer to a citizen for examination by her forensic doctors.

The shift nurse informed them that they could not enter inside the closed section before being examined by the Doctors and indicated to them that they should wait for the citizen to be examined in the opposite office No. 5 ”& nbsp; which is also the testing room that would be the Medical Assessment of the Citizen by the Oncologist.

In a demonstration of power the Policeman came in by pushing the Acid door and threatening to arrest the shift nurse who threw him to the ground and calling for reinforcements which came to him immediately after the arrest of the great "villain". At the same time the citizen for whom the police had come and escorted had been left unattended for a long time.

The incident took place in the presence of patients and on-call specialist doctors, thus causing great disruption to the psychiatric ward as they handcuffed the nurse in the closed ward and pulled him out of the & nbsp; with handcuffs.

The disruption in Acute patients caused forced closure of 2 of them due to over-stimulation and the transfer of the other 2 to other segments and structures for the same reason.

The Acute Unit remained for several hours with only 1 nurse in the ward & nbsp; even with his life threatened, as his colleague was handcuffed outside the police station.

The incident ended with the intervention of the Director of the Corfu General Hospital, the Director of the Nursing Service, the Director of the Psychiatry Department and the Deputy Director of the Police Department.

Colleague & nbsp; never refused to cooperate with the Police. It strictly followed the Medical Directives for the Patient Safety of the ward ensuring respect for the personality and dignity of the citizen.

Shame on Corfu police officers who behaved in such a way that he was hospitalized. Imagine bringing people to the police station. Unfortunately we returned to other times. Shame

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